Legs Strength Phrase Wk 1


Strength Phrase – 1

A1 Heel elevated back squat          60 x 6 62.5 x 6 62.5 x 6 60 x 6

A2 Lying Hamstring curl                 6th x 6 9th x 6 11th x 6 12th x 6

B1 Romanian Deadlift                        60 x 6 70 x 6 70 x 6 70 x 6

B2 Bulgarian split squat                    BW x 6 BW x 6 BW x 6 BW x 6


45min prior – 2scoops Xtend,During workout – 2scoops Xtend,Post workout shake – 2scoops Xtend.

30mins later PWO – 1scoop whey protein

Scar tissue on left quadricep( tyre fell on it )

I felt reasonably shagged because today was not balls to the wall because i had scar tissue on my left quad and i have not trained legs in a long while. Felt excellent on the squats. Maybe it was because of the platform i used instead of small weight plates for elevation. Deadlifts was easy but i felt my grip was weak even with hook grip. This was kinda expected because i also have not deadlifted heavy in a long while although today was no means heavy. I went with bodyweight split squats because of my lack of balance and it was kinda tough finding the placing for my toes on the bench. I was wobbling all over the place.

Overall a good session. Xtend is ‘shiok’ man!! Hope i can emulate the gains i got during my 1st cycle with it. My left quadriceps’ scar tissue flared up after training,which i guess was normal because of the pumped up state. I am fearing to do some foam rolling on my quad because i will definitely scream in agony. But as the old adage goes, No pain no gain!



Well,I’m Ashraf.19 this year.Tall,dark and handsome. Haha.

Ok let me give you a brief introduction of my background. Growing up,i was very sedentary. I somehow preferred staying indoors rather than getting dirty outdoors.It was so bad until the only thing i knew how to do was play Neopets all day long.I grew up looking ‘skinny-fat’ meaning that i had skinny limbs but had tummy and a butt of a fat person.

I picked up the love for soccer as late as primary school where i started loving the adrenalin rush i would get from playing soccer although i was completely hopeless at it. I soon became contradictory to my childhood years and i wondered why i did not like it in the first place.Although i was active, my diet was very bad.

Ok let me do a mini rant here. By the word diet, i do NOT mean cutting down on my food intake. What i mean is the food i consume.

Back to my story.I still looked ‘skinny-fat’ all the way throughout secondary school.I felt weak but i did not care at all until i joined NCC hoping to grow some muscles and look good for the girls. Little did i know that i was going to be subjected to torment throughout the first half of my secondary school years. I could not even do 1 standard pushup and i was the butt of jokes in class,literally.

It got so bad that i finally decided that i need to take control of my body.I still remember the first day when i stepped into the YCK clubfit gym. I had no clue of what i was doing, but i did exercises with all my effort and intensity.After afew months, i was pleasantly surprised that i could do standard(chest touch floor) pushups. I could do 4 the first time i tried,then it slowly increased until 20! My self-confidence went through the roof

Well, after my passion and interest increased dramatically by admiring the human body’s capability of change, i decided to read up on whatever my eyes could feast on. stronglifts.com,bodybuilding.com,t-nation.com and many more resources. I soon learnt what i had to do in order to achieve my goals and i was hooked onto the irongame.I soon began  investing money in protein powders,fish oil,books and magazines.

Currently, after 3 months of junk food eating i gained alot of FAT. 10kg to be exact.My weight is now 100kg.I cannot fit into jeans and bermudas i could wear just barely 3 months ago. That was the weight last week. Now i am 95kg after starting controlling my diet for just a week. This time i am even more determined than ever to reach my goal which is to be below 10% body fat weighing around 80-85kg.