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Back to the gym!

It has been far too long my friends.I have not stepped into the gym for a good 3-4 weeks due to plain laziness.My left ankle lateral bone is quite painful whenever I Squat,Deadlift or Pronate and Supinate my ankle. I foam rolled and stretched as usual. I wanted to front squat but even with the bar my ankle hurts.Bodyweight however was okay. I moved on to try deadlift but I also felt it. I made a decision to do Upper body work that day. The workout is as follows.

A1 Pullup BW x 3, 5 sec iso hold at the top,5 sec lowering x 5 reps

B1 One Arm Row 17.5kg x 10  17.5kg x 10  17.5kg x 10

B2 Pushup  BW x 15  BW x 10  BW x 8

C1 Seated External Rotation  2.5kg x 10  2.5kg x 10

C2 Lying Trap 3 Raise  1.25kg x 10  1.25kg x 10


Did not do pullups for a loong time which explains for the drop in numbers.I did not want to go too heavy too soon because of my hiatus. The 17.5kg was enough to humble me for 10 reps.Concentrated on explosiveness and the quick turnaround. I decided to pair the rows with pushups instead of presses to save my rotator cuffs and shoulder due to previous niggly injuries. I forced myself to do prehab/rehab work with the external rotation(rotator cuff) and lying trap 3 raise(Lower traps). My infraspinatus and supraspinatus were pumped as hell after that!

Whats your excuse for not going to the gym?


Bodyweight training

Sup! Been very long since I last updated. Training has been inconsistent but my sleep and nutrition has taken a backseat(the last seat) due primarily to the World Cup! Netherlands FTW!!!

I planned to do some bodyweight exercises in a circuit fashion. Pull Push Abs.

Pullup,Dips,Reverse Crunch.

Inverted Row,Pushups,Plank.

It looks good in paper eh? However it didnt go as planned due to some kindergarten kids running around the fitness corner and also I got my right rotator cuff injured at the same exact place.I could feel the inflammation and heat very quickly.I stopped and took my hockey ball to massage that part.It was less painful than last time though.My workout was cut short and I was quite disappointed it didnt work out as how I’d like.

Corridor Training!

I have not been training for the past few days due to laziness/bum shoulder. The scar tissue on my rotator cuff is already gone but the hocky ball is amazingly painful on both sides of my scapula. I went to Andyn’s place to train.

Started off with 1 hand Kettlebell Swings(16kg).10 reps on each hand. Supersetted it with Overhead Squats.That is a bitch of an exercise.It reveals everything you need to know about a person’s mobility issues,if there is any. I was a total wreck though,my knees were caving in like nobody’s business and I could not even hit parallel.

Next was 1 hand KB cleans(16kg). Supersetted with alternating rows. My shirt was already drenched and like what Andyn had predicted,I was sweating bucketloads.The next exercise was a press and hold(12kg).Did 3 reps per side for 2 sets. That was it for the workout.My shoulder did not give me any problem but I could still feel it for one particular rep though.Well I really need to work with the hockey ball to release trigger points.

The Windmill. I've never tried this before but I can't help learning the technique from this picture(ONLY)

KB Training

I headed to NUS Bukit Timah with Andyn to train with kettlebells. I warmed up with overhead lunges and bodyweight squats. I was sweating already but I got loose very fast. I then proceeded onto Kettlebell drills.

I did jerks and I felt pain in my shoulder joint when I locked out. I did not do anymore reps with my right side and took a rest. After that I stupidly tried a snatch and immediately dropped the kettlebell. It was a pain I never felt before. I immediately R.I.C.E.’d it. Taufiq brought a hockey ball and I used it to find my trigger point and it is so much harder and focal than a foam roller/tennis ball. I am so going to buy it today! It was really painful though.Andyn taught me shoulder mobility drills to rush blood to my shoulder to facilitate recovery. Bodybuilders would sure like it because of the incredible pump.

When I got home I managed to see my trigger point because it was reddish. I could feel the inflammation on the specific site. It was all good though. It will probably take half to one week to recover fully if I do what is required of me to optimise recovery(foam rolling/hockey ball,Mobility drills,Anti-Inflammatories,Protein,Lots of sleep!)

Very eye catching uh?


Today’s workout was the epitome of short and swe(a)et. Did not have enough time to do a proper warmup so Andyn came up with a series of bodyweight exercises that kills 2 or more birds with one stone. I am definitely going to remember these exercises because of how many things they accomplish at once.

Arms overhead and locked,forward and backward walking lunges supersetted with Hindu pushups.(Im Muslim so it should be named Muslim pushups.)

This superset activates/stretches most of the major muscle groups and definitely gets your heartrate up unlike umm..a slow steady-state jog?

Anyway on to the exercises.

Deadlift 3 sets warmup 50kg x 10 reps, 3 working sets  90kg x 5 reps

Deadlift + pushup on bar  1 set 50kg x 10 reps + 10 reps pushup  2 sets 50kg x 8 reps + 8 reps pushup


It was a very brief workout but I am glad I threw away my ego in order to relearn the deadlift. I felt my legs working much more as opposed to my past form which was mostly lower back. I do not care if the weight is compromised, as long as form and technique is never compromised,there will be no room for injuries.

Intensity written all over his face.

1 Week’s worth of post.

Very sorry for the way overdue post. I am going to chuck the whole week’s worth of training in this post. Bear with me as I try to remember what I did for the whole week.

Monday(with Andyn)

Split Jerks 3 sets of 6reps x 40kg

Suitcase Deadlift 3 sets of 10 reps x 30kg each bar

Rest then went to Titans training ground with Andyn to meetup with Shaiful and Vejay. Did 5 rounds of Yoke walk and Sled pulls.


Pullup Training.Pullup stagnant at 5.

Wednesday(w/o Andyn)

Hang Clean 4 sets x 10reps x 40kg

Deadlift 4 set x 5 reps x 90kg

Jump Lunges Superset with Med Ball throws 3 sets of 20 reps


Pullup training. Improved Pullup to 6.

Went for Titans training.Daobin and Syazwan came down. Quite relaxed session as very few people turned up. Flipped tyres and kettlebell work mainly.


Front Squat 3 sets of 10 reps x 40kg

Romanian Deadlift 3 sets of 8 reps x 70kg

Med ball throw catch squat(20 reps) superset with Farmers walk(15kg DB per hand) 3 sets

Kettlebell training at Andyn’s voideck. That was quite tough.I was sweating buckloads.

Saturday and Sunday

Both were rest days but I was supposed to go for strongman training. Decided not to due to laziness plus I instead studied with my friends.

Well folks that is just a brief overview of what happened the past week with regards to my training.I feel like a full-time athelete .Love this feeling. I feel so motivated and focused. Now it’s time to hone in on my diet(food intake as opposed to dieting.)

Making of the beast session 3

Met up with Andyn and flowfit was a real kick in the ass again.

A1 Deadlift  3 sets x 10 reps(60kg)  3 sets x 4 reps(100kg) 2 sets x 10 reps(60kg)

B1 Front Squat  3 sets x 10 reps(40kg)

C1 Power Clean  60kg x 1  40kg x 10  40kg x 10  40kg x 10

D1 Dumbell Snatch 10kg x 10

D2 Med Ball Squat Throw 4kg x 10


My Deadlift numbers has dropped substantially. 100kg was quite hard for me. Could only manage 4 reps. My 1RM in January was 160kg but Andyn was having none of it and I totally agreed with him. Training with him really opened up my mind and it further challenged me to question myself why am I doing a certain exercise,amount of reps,sets and the fine minutia. 1RM is basically a bragging tool that many use to show off/gauge their strength(Powerlifting).

My Front Squat technique needs to be polished because I can feel the bar sliding off at the bottom position(elbows not tucked in). I also need to be more explosive on the concentric phrase. The Power Cleans was challenging with regards to proper technique with the fatigue setting in. I still managed to hang in there though.

The last part of the workout was more of a mental one than physical. The DB Snatch was quite good once I got the correct technique and I felt like I could have gone on forever(no I’m kidding).The Med Ball throw was challenging because of the explosiveness required.

After the session was over, My shirt,track pants and boxers were drenched like nobody’s business. A good indicator of hard work:)