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SGTitans training

Walked to Titans ground from Alps training at Marsling with Andyn and Teng. Did mobility drills and stretched as usual. I wanted to do a few sets of farmers walk and then move on to kettlebell stuff.

I did just two sets of Farmers walk and rested too long. I then went on to kettlebell stuff. Here are the exact exercises.

One-arm Jerk- (each arm) 12kgx10, 16kgx10,20kgx10,24kgx5,16kgx10,12kgx10. Work set- 16kgx10 for 10 sets.

It was the first time I felt pumped and cramped from kettlebell lifting.My lower back and quads were the main affectors.I re-injured my right shoulder with the 24kg jerks but after the shoulder mobility drills and scaling back the weight,it felt okay. I can feel a distinct difference in speed and explosiveness between my right and left side. My left side is much more quicker than my right.

Overall a very good session and inspiring one watching 32kg kettlebells being hoisted up effortlessly(or so it seems).


1 Week’s worth of post.

Very sorry for the way overdue post. I am going to chuck the whole week’s worth of training in this post. Bear with me as I try to remember what I did for the whole week.

Monday(with Andyn)

Split Jerks 3 sets of 6reps x 40kg

Suitcase Deadlift 3 sets of 10 reps x 30kg each bar

Rest then went to Titans training ground with Andyn to meetup with Shaiful and Vejay. Did 5 rounds of Yoke walk and Sled pulls.


Pullup Training.Pullup stagnant at 5.

Wednesday(w/o Andyn)

Hang Clean 4 sets x 10reps x 40kg

Deadlift 4 set x 5 reps x 90kg

Jump Lunges Superset with Med Ball throws 3 sets of 20 reps


Pullup training. Improved Pullup to 6.

Went for Titans training.Daobin and Syazwan came down. Quite relaxed session as very few people turned up. Flipped tyres and kettlebell work mainly.


Front Squat 3 sets of 10 reps x 40kg

Romanian Deadlift 3 sets of 8 reps x 70kg

Med ball throw catch squat(20 reps) superset with Farmers walk(15kg DB per hand) 3 sets

Kettlebell training at Andyn’s voideck. That was quite tough.I was sweating buckloads.

Saturday and Sunday

Both were rest days but I was supposed to go for strongman training. Decided not to due to laziness plus I instead studied with my friends.

Well folks that is just a brief overview of what happened the past week with regards to my training.I feel like a full-time athelete .Love this feeling. I feel so motivated and focused. Now it’s time to hone in on my diet(food intake as opposed to dieting.)

SGTitans training(9 May)

I went clubbing to celebrate my friend’s departure for NS soon. I reached home at 6 and straight away knocked off. I woke up at 3+ still feeling very sleepy. When I wanted to leave my house for training, it started raining and I smiled to myself knowing that I have a raincoat. Went in the rain and reached there safely.

I was extremely tight all over,maybe due to all the dancing. I stretched and stretched until I was able to full squat without any tightness. Did yoke walk with increasing weights and it was challenging because we had our training under the void deck. We had to manuever ourselves so that we did not hit the walls.

The next thing I did was kettlebell work. Refined my clean technique and did overhead static holds. The technique required to get into that position is quite tough if you have mobility issues(think chest,T-spine). After that did supersets of Kettlebell Front Squats and Bodyweight Jump Squats. Stretching during rest period. I was feeling wiped out but I just pushed myself. The day was over and I was relieved that it was over. However, I was glad I came despite the late night.

Me,Vejay(Future NS Man) and Andyn

Chin-Up Study Training,Repelling & SGTitans(6 May)

It was the first training session of the Chin-Up Study and alot of those who came for the readings did not turn up for the training.Pussies. I have to admit though only 20% of the training is effective, the rest being an utter waste of time. Well I never truly know until I see the end result but if my Chin-Up numbers do go up, I would give it it’s fair share of credit.

The training was basically Negatives + Isometric Holds. After that was just an epic waste of time. Lat pulldowns,Seated Row(The best exercise out of the lot),Bicep curl and not forgetting the most important exercise of them all, the forearm curl.

After I was done, the Mountaineering people called me and asked me whether I was going for their repelling session. I told them I would be late and they were fine with that so I decided to go. It has been a long time since I repelled and boy was I nervous,especially at the ledge. Once I repelled a few steps, it felt so easy and quite fun too.

I headed to Titans training ground and proceeded to do flowfit. It trumps a treadmill(and any other stupid warmup you can think of) in terms of elevated heart rate and mobility work. Did tyre flips,250kg only once though. Next session I want 2 reps!! I was so frustrated with myself. Kevin from Crossfit Singapore brought over a new toy, a Sled.

The humble sled. Great for your Posterior Chain and everything else for that matter.

He taught us how to isolate our P. Chain with a torso bend forward pull. I could really feel my hamstrings when I got the correct technique. The second way to use it is to pull it reverse and that isolates your calves and quads.I could also feel the correct muscles work in that one. I cannot wait to use it again! Like a kid in a candy store, they say.

SGTitans Training

I reached late because of the mountaineering talk(Yes I joined mountaineering).I was greeted by a sight of two big groups doing kettlebell work. I was disappointed I missed the opportunity to polish my kettlebell movement patterns. I was surprised when I saw a few of my schoolmates there too. They were playing netball there though.

I was supposed to practise on my deck squats, which I cannot do.

Instead I practised on my balance and it was surprisingly difficult. To rephrase, I suck at balancing my own bodyweight.(Don’t worry folks none of that unstable surface squatting crap) I did single leg deadlifts and maintained that position for as long as possible. My knees and ankles were shaking like nobody’s business.

One thing that I was very happy about was that I relearnt how to do a Kettlebell snatch and it felt completely different! I could feel instant explosiveness and it looked aesthetically pleasing too.

Last SG Titans Training before Comp.

I have not been going to the gym lately because of  my involvement in the orientation programme. It was a blast to say the least. But I Digress.

I went for training knowing that I have alot to improve on. I warmed up with kettlebell drills. I did tyre flips for 15 reps and it was easier than last session but still kicks major ass. The yoke walk was even harder than the flips though. Out of 5 attempts, I could only lift it up 1 time. The lifting off the floor is harder than the walking part. I guess being a bad squatter does show huh.

We simulated the actual competition and I was quite nervous about training(maybe I’m too scared to push myself.) The power stairs was also quite hard even though I have a height advantage.

One of the greatest Strongman to grace the Earth, Bill Kazamaier.

SGTitans training!

I am entering my first ever strongman competition this coming 18th April in Malaysia. Wohoo! So stoked for it although I know I cannot expect much because it is my first time and I dont quite have the strength yet to match my competitors who have much more strength,experience and everything else by their sides. I am entering the competition to have the experience and feel of being a competitive strongman and to also assess myself and the benchmark needed to do well in strongman competitions.

The events are tyre flips,Deadlift,IOI Stairs(IOI is the name of the mall;venue.),Farmer’s walk and Carry Weight(A Medley of events). Today’s training started off with tyre flips. Damn I think that is my weakest point. We had to flip it 15 times within 1.30s(covering 30m). I took 3m+. I did a lot of mistakes and I was very quickly winded. It was endurance to the max. I really have to pace my breathing and not tire myself out too quickly.

The next event we simulated was the IOI Stairs.Basically it is just power stairs which means you have to lift heavy shit to higher ground and keep on going.For those who are inept at visualising, here is a picture of it.

The Power Stairs. After this you will never take walking on stairs for granted.

We simulated this by using a thick cement brick and covered it with a gurney sack and used the tyre as stairs. We were supposed to bring it up and down 15 times within 1.30s. I did 1.13s. Still quite slow.Being tall does help in this event because you can use your thighs to push the brick up.

The next event we simulated was farmer’s walk. On the real day, it will be 2 50 or 55kg logs. We did it in a medley fashion. 3 events back to back. Farmer’s walk, Keg carry and Yoke Walk. The Farmer’s walk and Keg carry was very easy. The yoke walk was surprisingly difficult. It was 64kg Kettlebell(48 + 16) on each side. I had a hard time standing up with it and could barely walk with it. My Core isn’t strong enough.Period.

All in all a very good training session. As I said earlier, I am not expecting much but I just want to do my best and see where it leads me. As the old saying goes, NEVER TRY NEVER KNOW!

A very gruesome, yet captivating picture.