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Can Singaporeans Be Mavericks?

DISCLAIMER: This rant is just my opinion, and I sure that there are others who will disagree with me. Everyone is entitled to a rant on his/her own opinion. My suggestion is to get your own blog to rant about it on.

First off, I am very sick and tired of the majority of Singaporeans and their attitudes towards the Government. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the biggest PAP supporter. I hope they wake up their idea soon enough before our beloved country turns into like a few of our neighboring countries where corruption and bribery are norms.

My question is, can Singaporeans be mavericks? The definition of a maverick is ‘Being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence’ according to

If you ask me honestly, I can safely say that not many Singaporeans are ‘ballsy’ enough to be considered a maverick. However in any industry in Singapore, there are bound to be a few role models/trailblazers who took the leap of faith and ventured into the unknown. The first name that comes to mind is Jack Neo. Basically a guy who makes very funny local movies which we can relate to very well, thus making him a household name.


A game that inspired me when I was a young kid. Taught me something the books can never teach. 

Recently, there has been a lot of built-up hate and negativity towards the government. I shall not go into details because I simply don’t want to. Contrary to popular belief, I too am quite skeptical of what our future in Singapore is going to be like.

However, I don’t bitch about it and complain about my predicament. I am doing something to make my future easier for my family and myself. It’s called education. 

They say the emptiest vessels make the most noise. I remember my primary school teacher telling this to the whole class and I could somehow sense she was specifically referring to me because I had yet to fill up my vessels.

Something I forgot to do when I was young, always got into trouble for it.

If you study the patterns closely, you can see that the people who are against the government are the same people who are stuck in their dead-end full time jobs (or they might not even have a job in the first place). They wake up every morning doing something they despise, counting down every hour until they leave the workplace and just living each day as it comes without any real hunger in them. This lifestyle has been conceptualized quite long ago and it’s called the ‘Comfort Zone’.

*Okay Mini-Rant here. Please bare with me

Just because you have a Diploma, a Degree or your 3.99 GPA  does not guarantee a smooth sailing life with a high-paying full time job waiting for you at the end of your formal education.

Someone I regard very highly told me this. ” Formal education is like a safety net. Continual Education should be what everyone strives for.”

*Ahhhh I feel so much better now

Well I am still a young adult and have yet to enter the real world. I have yet to serve NS too. I have not felt what a full-time job feels like or what 2 years of “Serving” the nation feels like. Maybe after that my perception might change. Until that moment comes, I am going to continue to pursue my dreams in this place I call home and continue to prove to myself that I can be successful in life.

In my humble opinion, in order to be considered a maverick, one has to be able to think critically and always be willing to seek ways to improve one’s craft. One has to serve people with the intention of enriching their lives, not with the primary intention of moneymaking.

Like it or not, we are placed on this earth to serve people.

I’ll end my post with a scene from my all-time favourite movie, The Pursuit Of Happyness.


I’m Not Totally Useless. I Still Can Be Used As A Bad Example.

Hey guys, I guess it’s about time that I start practicing what I preach. Past 2 years have been very inconsistent, training and nutrition wise. It was to the point that I started doubting myself. I was asking myself what am I doing with a Diploma in Sports & Exercise Sciences, looking like a person who has never heard of the word Sports.


I had a few minor bike accidents that caused a few hiccups along the years though. In October 2010, my Lower Back had swelled up after landing on my back first after a car hit me. In hindsight, I was very thankful I had decent lower back strength to protect my spine. I was pleasantly surprised that it was just swelling and nothing more than that. I couldn’t walk properly for a few days due to the lack of range of motion in my Lower Back. I must say that the Lower Back is a very important muscle for both your upper body and lower body.

In February 2011, I went to Phuket with Andyn and my ego reared it’s ugly head. We decided to rent bikes to explore the island. He rented a kup chai while I rented a scrambler (that was smaller and less powerful than mine, I must add). After renting the bike, I knew that something was wrong with it, it would turn right more than it was supposed to. Soon after, the bike fell on me while negotiating a right turn. I couldn’t stand up and I knew that shit just got real.


An Ambulance was called and I was duly brought to the Hospital in Phuket. They took an X-ray (which was very painful) and confirmed that I had a hairline fracture on my Fibula, just above my ankle. They put me on a cast and gave me unique souvenirs called crutches. My trip was ruined and Andyn’s wife, Linda helped me re-book my flight and I flew back the next day.


Not many people can say they have a medical card in Thai.

It took me a good month to walk again and I did not do everything that I was supposed to do such as Rehabilitation and my ankle never went back to being 100%. That was my biggest regret. You might ask why but read on and you will know why.

I got into dirtbiking this year and it’s very fun, I must say. It is a very good form of exercise too. In Mid May this year, I went riding offroad at night which turned out to be a bad decision. My bike fell on me, again. I was wearing boots as well so it was not a case of lack of protection. I immediately feared the worst. I could slowly limp this time but the next day, I could not put any weight on my right foot at all. This happened a few days before my Graduation Ceremony and a week before my trip to Thailand. I went to a nearby Hospital and the x-ray confirmed that I had a re-fracture of my fibula. The hairline crack opened up again. They put me on a cast again and I forgot how tough it was to use crutches.


Again, Not many people can say they graduated on a wheelchair.

Personally, it was a very torrid time for me. Parents nagging at my decision-making skills (which were somehow non-existent) coupled with the fact that I could possibly miss my trip to Thailand. I was desperate to make the trip because everything was booked and I did not want to waste my money and abandon my friend. I asked my dad to take out the soft cast and massage around my ankle to improve blood circulation which would fasten recovery. I religiously took protein shakes and fish oil so that I could recover in time.

I could limp by the next week and decided to proceed with my trip, much to the dismay of my Mother. I had the time of my life and never regretted my decision to go to the trip. Went White Water Rafting and ATV riding in Krabi.


Never postpone joy, my friends

I went for daily massages in Krabi which really made a difference in my speed of limping. I couldn’t sleep for a few days because I kept on self-reflecting and just thinking about life in general. I feel that those few hours spent in my brain was something I really needed to re-affirm my goals in life. I came back to Singapore with an Iron-Will. I went to Aldrin Ho, whom I knew through a mutual friend. He fixed me up real good and I am on my way to a 100% recovery as you are reading this.


This was taken on the last day of my trip.

You see, I am not totally useless. I still can be used as a bad example. I learnt a lot about myself in these few years and the moral of the story is that I needed all these accidents to give me a very loud wake up call. Now I have somehow found that hunger that I lost 2 years ago and I’m not intending on losing it again. I am definitely on my way to living up to my dreams. I’m sure everyone is destined for greatness. It’s just whether they are hungry enough to chase it.

If you’ve ever been hungry, you’ll never be full.

Recent Happenings

Ahoy Matee!!

I was out and about since my holidays that I think my home is like a hotel for me. I did a camp from 1-3 june at Pulau Ubin. It was Pasir Ris Primary School kids(Primary 5).They were a chaotic bunch to say the least. I would like to think I was not that bad during primary school but I bet others would beg to differ.

After I came back, I slept like there was no tommorow. The next day I went out to cut my hair and meetup with my brothers from another mother. It has been sucha long time since we all came together. It was very very fun and we missed each other’s company. Played Monopoly and went out for supper. Came back at 3am.

I cant believe how idiotic we looked last time.

Yesterday,We went out again, this time to sentosa! Asyrani is all grown up,serving the nation and all so we gathered everybody for one last time before he goes into camp. I was very happy that everybody came. We went in a convoy of 4 bikes at first, but my bike being as slow as a turtle couldn’t catch up with them so I went at my own pace. After Sentosa we headed to Jalan Kayu to eat.After that we headed to Yishun Dam to relax and oogle at bikes and cars showing off. Went back after awhile and reached home at 3am again.

Malaysia Strongman Challenge

I woke up at 5+ abruptly and realised I had a hard time breathing. Was coughing very badly and the first thing that popped up was that I had a freakin’ competition later. I went to sleep and woke up at 8 and was thankfully better.

Reached our meeting point and headed to Malaysia. Had a lot of fun in the car with our very own BC(Blur Cock). It’s an inside joke so I wont spill it here. Reached the venue, IOI Mall which is in Kulai. We had lunch there and quickly got ready for the competition.

1st event was the tyre flip. 160kg tyre. It was a small tyre compared to the normal tractor tyres that the titans were used to. Therefore we had to use a different technique.Pure Lower Back. The floor was very slippery too. I was pscyhed for this event and I knew I could complete it if I push myself to the max. I started off well but eventually slipped a few times and lost momentum. I was halfway through when the tyre fell down and I fell down genitals first and it was fucking painful. Vejay was shouting for me to carry on but I just could not carry on. So sad.

2nd event was the yoke walk. 2 50kg jerry cans suspended by chains. It was quite easy but I did not focus enough. I ran with the yoke but it fell halfway and the chain broke. The officials fixed it and I completed it belatedly.

3rd event was the farmer’s walk. 2 50kg jerry cans. This was quite easy too. I ran with it but when I was just about to finish it I dropped it and completed it belatedly too. Quite disappointed with my performance.

The 4th event was the Deadlift. The starting weight is 200kg. I completed the first rep with ease. Next weight was 250kg. That was a bitch. Could only lift it minimally. There was 4 weights in total. 200kg,250kg,300kg,350kg. There were only a handful of people that could rep with 350kg. It was impressive to say the least.

The last event was the Power Stairs. My body was already very cold. 100kg went up with ease. The 150kg was a bitch. I could deadlift it up but could not get it up to the stairs. I was very frustrated. There was 3 blocks. 100kg,150kg,200kg. Again, only a handful of people completed all 3 weights in 1min 30s.

Overall, it was a very fun experience. I will definitely remember it. I gave a good acount of myself and thought I did pretty okay except for some mistakes. Well we as humans, learn from mistakes. I certainly had fun competing(against myself for the most part) and that my friends, is the most important thing in life. Have fun doing what you do. God bless.

Malaysia Boleh!

A Short Hiatus

Well as you can see I haven’t been going to the gym often. It is because I’ve attended 3 camps since the start of March. I’m not going to elaborate on the details because I’m lazy.(Ask me and I’ll tell you) I got darker(Damnit),learnt more about myself and was very happy I decided to get out of my comfort zone. I had a lot of fun with the kids and instructors and got to know a whole bunch of people.

STC Sec3C Campers.

I had a SHL camp in school recently and it was a blast too! Unfortunately it was a 2D1N camp but it is already considered a privilege because we are the only school to have an overnight camp.Got to know more SHL peeps and boy were they a fun bunch. I laughed like I’ve never laughed in a long while during the camp.

SHL peeps

All in all, I did not regret the decision I made one single bit by attending the camps even though my nutrition and workouts were thrown out of the window. The reasoning I had was this, If I were to spend my holidays doing nothing, I will definitely regret it once my 2nd year starts in RP. If people ask me what did I do during the holidays, I wouldn’t be ashamed to say that I did something worthwhile. What about you? What are you doing with your life that is worth a mention?

Proud of my roots!

Heading into new territory

I am so excited these few days since I talked to my classmate who asked me whether I would like to follow him on an expedition. It is an outdoor adventure trip and it is going to be in Johor.It will be on the 2nd to 5th March.(Try not to miss me too much my loyal readers!) We will be the instructors bringing Tanjong Katong Secondary School kids there. Sec 2 by the way.I initially hesitated because I was thinking about my gym,eating habits and what not but I just decided to do it because anything beats staying at home killing time.

The main activities will be Kayaking at Johor River and Gunung Panti Expedition.I am especially looking forward to Kayaking because it is pure fun! I tried White water rafting before and it was a ball-growing experience. I prepared myself for this trip by buying a wet shoe. Decided to go to Queensway with my classmate and got a Adidas JawPaw( Isn’t the name catchy?) and 3/4 track pants.

The Adidas JawPaw

Making full use of my licenses

Well I acquired my class 3(car) license somewhere around June last year(2nd time pass). I took a few months break before I pursued my class 2B(Motorbike) license(1st time pass). I feel I am a better driver than a rider and If you were to ask me which I prefer, it would be hard to pick because I’ve been riding only 1 bike(Pulsar) and I drove 2 cars(Uncle’s Chevrolet Aveo & a rented Misubishi Evo EX). I have been driving the Evo EX for the past 2 days and it is like a prostitute,it gives you what you want.(sorry for the bad analogy).It is just so reactive and just listens to you.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution EX

Overall I would still pick driving a car because of a few reasons.One of them is because of the way I ride. I am quite a reckless rider at times and very impatient when I am riding.However,it is so easy to go through cars when there is a alot of traffic or a jam. The rain is a huge factor for riders because of attire and road conditions. Another reason why I would pick driving a car because I just LOVE cars. Even though now is not an appropriate time to get a car, I made a promise to myself I am going to get a Subaru Impreza WRX STI.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI