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Everyone Should Watch Dead Poet’s Society. It’s An Old Movie But It’s Gold.


Identify one big influence in your life who belongs among secondary agents. Explain how he or she changed you.


One big influence in my life who belongs among secondary agents is none other than the multi-talented Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know he is a big influence in your life when you have two giant posters of him clad in swimming trunks on your room wall. He was an inspiration to me ever since I was a young kid when I saw him in his movies. He portrayed everything that I desired. Charisma, Charm, Tall and well built. It is like those types of guys when you walk into a room, everybody will stop what they are doing and take a second to look at you.

I started researching about his life a few years ago and found out quite a lot about his life and his struggles he faced when he was growing up. He was born in Austria and he grew up there during the war period. His family had monetary problems and his father was a policeman who was also very strict with him. Imagine his living state if his highlight was when the family bought a refrigerator.

Imagine if you had this looking at you every time you enter your room.

He moved to America when he was 21 and he did know very little English. He moved to America because of Bodybuilding. Little did he know that he was going to change the face of the sport by becoming Mr Olympia seven times. After that he pursued a career in acting which was successful to say the least. Who could ever forget that line from terminator? ‘I’ll be back’.

After his acting career he decided to try his hand at politics and became and still is the governor of California. I think he can excel at anything he decides to put his mind into and that is one of the motives I would like to try to inculcate. I would love to learn what drives him to be what he is today. A lot of people have commented that he is the epitome of the American dream and I cannot disagree with that statement. I think he is a good role model to follow (doesn’t matter if he took steroids to get that body because everyone else also took them).

One of my favourite movies is Pumping Iron. It stars Arnold himself. Although it was scripted, I really can feel his charisma through the documentary. He is one of my biggest inspirations not only for his physique but his mental fortitude and character. A well rounded person in my book I’d say.

Even breakdancers need to train to be good at their craft. What’s your excuse?

Why The Food Pyramid Sucks!

I could not wait until the weekends to write this article because I desperately need to get this out of my chest. I’m going to summarize and go straight to the point. I will let you, my reader come to a conclusion based on your thinking skills.

Let’s roll, bitchessss (No you are not the ‘bitches’ I was referring to)

The Food Pyramid. A supposed guide to human beings all around the world on how to eat properly and to lead a moderate and healthy lifestyle.


6-11 servings of Carbs?! Please explain to me why Diabetes isn’t prevalent in our society?

Okay let me break it down for you guys. Caveman lived long time ago, eating real food like meat,eggs,nuts,vegetables and fruits. They had no doctors to treat modern illnesses like Diabetes, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Levels. (I wonder why they had no doctors though..hmmmm interesting)

So about 10,000 years ago agriculture was formed. You have various forms of wheat and grains springing up like babies in China or India. You also had the invention of refined sugar and salt. Now I have yet to talk about “Junk Food”. I’m sure I don’t need to elaborate about “Junk Food” because everyone knows what they are but yet they still eat them. But I digress.

Okay the main problem I have with the food pyramid is that it is propaganda. There is no other way of putting it. Since we all know that American culture spreads like wildfire, so I guess it’s safe to presume that the USDA (United States Department of AGRICULTURE) will create a food pyramid for people all over the world to follow religiously and be on their merry way to a healthy and blissful life.

Okay quick question. Anyone can tell me why wheat based products are at the bottom of the pyramid?

This is free speech right here. Ain’t nothing but the truth.

By the way, how’s the 6-11 or 5-7 servings of carbs going for you? Abdominals still visible? If you can see your abs, you better make sure you follow this be all end all guideline. You definitely need more rice, pasta, bread, noodles and whatever form of wheat and grain is known to man. Do not eat the whole egg because the yolks are bad for you. They have a lot of cholesterol and fat. Do not eat animal fat because Saturated Fat will slowly kill you. All these “unhealthy” fat will clog up your arteries and eventually kill you.

Read very carefully, I am not a ‘No Carb’ or ‘No Fat’ supporter. I am a correct carb and correct fat supporter. As with many things in life, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I am purposely not going to give any references because science has shown many things over the years but they fail to show how ignorant people are time and time again. I am writing entirely from my own experience and I hope you, my reader will share the truth with people you care about.

What does Halal mean?

Yesterday, I wrote an article about meat and why the notion of establishing a radius around any form of meat (Vegans and Vegetarians) is pure absurdity. Now I am going to go one step further and explain why do muslims all over the world adhere to strict practices or be damned to eternal hell.


The international symbol of the Halal sign.

The literal translation of Halal is permissible, according to Islamic Law. The opposite of Halal is Haraam. The key point that many people have trouble grasping is not everything that isn’t Halal is Haraam. As with everything in life, there will always be a gray area.

Oh I almost forgot to mention this because I somehow accepted this as fact when I was young and impressionable. The term ‘No pork No lard’ DOES NOT mean it is halal. The meat they are selling are probably sick and mistreated animals. For further clarification, please do read my previous post about Meat eaters and Vegetarians.


Holy Cow!

The word Halal is used mainly for meat because Muslims cannot eat “normal” meat like other people. They can only eat meat certified with the halal sign. There is a very good reason why this law is in place. The video below is one that was shared by my non-muslim friend and was of perfect timing because I was just starting to lose faith.

I cried after watching the video because I was under the impression that almost all meat were treated the same and the word Halal was starting to lose it’s meaning to me. What is the point of treating an animal like shit but at the end of it’s life, all one has got to do is say prayers in the name of God and the meat will be certified Halal.

There are countless of inhumane ways people kill these animals nowadays. This video is a breath of fresh air and restored the faith that I temporarily lost. Yes I am not a good muslim but I don’t have to justify myself to anyone except God.


Meat Eaters, Vegetarians and Vegans

What is up, world?! Hope everything has been going well for you so far. If your life sucks, probably you suck too.

I’ve always wanted to write about this particular topic because many people do not know the harsh truths about animals and plants. What I am about to write might be controversial. I just urge my readers to do one thing. I want you to seperate intuition and emotion. I urge you to read whatever I am about to write with an open mind and you can make whatever conclusion makes the most sense for you. 

So with my disclaimer out of the way, lets get it on!

Let me give you a very clear definition of a Meat Eater (How much clearer could it get?), a Vegetarian and a Vegan.

Meat Eater: They have no beef (See what I did there?) with eating dead animals.


Vegetarian: They do not consume any animals and meat byproducts – beef, chicken, pork, fish, shellfish, cheese made from animal rennet, gelatin – but some do consume milk and eggs as well as other animal products.

Vegan: They refrain from consuming/ using any animal products. They also don’t use beauty products that contain animal ingredients or were tested on animals. They also don’t wear clothes that were made from animals – leather, fur, wool, silk. Vegans are against the exploitation of animals for any reason.


I am going to be fairly neutral and explain why I eat meat. I am no expert on the concept of evolution but I will try my best to explain what it takes to be a caveman. Basically if I were a caveman, I would do anything to survive. That means hunting for food (because there wasn’t any fast food joints nearby). We as humans need Protein to survive and the best form of it is, you guessed it, meat.


“I love meat!” That’s what she said.

Food during our ancestor’s time was so much simpler. They had meat, vegetables, nuts, fruits and no grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar and processed oils aka ‘Paleolithic Diet’. They had no modern illness such as childhood obesity, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels.

This era ended 10,000 years ago with the invention of agriculture, followed closely by people who thought killing animals and eating them was criminally obscene aka Vegetarians. I am totally against animal abuse. Contrary to popular belief, killing animals is not animal abuse. Let me explain what really is animal abuse.

Imagine since the moment you were born you are thrown into jail for no particular reason, fed with food you are not originally intended to eat, inject you with steroids, growth hormones and antibiotics (to grow faster and treat the sickness caused by your predicament) and that’s how you live the whole of your life until you die. Oh they also will kill you by either hammering you to death or tasering the life out of you. If that is not animal abuse, I don’t know what is.


Winner of the Mr Natural Chicken Competition, subject to a drug test.

If you don’t believe me, just head down to your local supermarket and look at the variety of eggs available. While you are at it, take a look at a whole chicken and compare it to fast-food joints that serve chicken. Grain-fed beef has also become very popular due to it’s marbling and taste, at the expense of grass!


The only logical reason I can conjure up to explain this inhumane behavior is to meet the demands of meat all across the world. Personally I would be happy if more people became Vegetarians or Vegans because that means that the demand for meat will be less which would hopefully mean healthy chicken and beef (This theory is highly improbable due to the amount of money the agricultural industry *cough *cough* USDA *cough *cough* makes).

I am just sharing insights as to possible reasons why vegetarians and vegans choose to adjust their lifestyles. I am not sorry that we Homo sapiens have risen to the top of the “food chain”. Well not really, there is still one authority higher than all of us. (God, Duh!) I will end my post with another funny picture and resources for further reading if you are interested.


Can Singaporeans Be Mavericks?

DISCLAIMER: This rant is just my opinion, and I sure that there are others who will disagree with me. Everyone is entitled to a rant on his/her own opinion. My suggestion is to get your own blog to rant about it on.

First off, I am very sick and tired of the majority of Singaporeans and their attitudes towards the Government. Don’t get me wrong, I am not the biggest PAP supporter. I hope they wake up their idea soon enough before our beloved country turns into like a few of our neighboring countries where corruption and bribery are norms.

My question is, can Singaporeans be mavericks? The definition of a maverick is ‘Being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence’ according to

If you ask me honestly, I can safely say that not many Singaporeans are ‘ballsy’ enough to be considered a maverick. However in any industry in Singapore, there are bound to be a few role models/trailblazers who took the leap of faith and ventured into the unknown. The first name that comes to mind is Jack Neo. Basically a guy who makes very funny local movies which we can relate to very well, thus making him a household name.


A game that inspired me when I was a young kid. Taught me something the books can never teach. 

Recently, there has been a lot of built-up hate and negativity towards the government. I shall not go into details because I simply don’t want to. Contrary to popular belief, I too am quite skeptical of what our future in Singapore is going to be like.

However, I don’t bitch about it and complain about my predicament. I am doing something to make my future easier for my family and myself. It’s called education. 

They say the emptiest vessels make the most noise. I remember my primary school teacher telling this to the whole class and I could somehow sense she was specifically referring to me because I had yet to fill up my vessels.

Something I forgot to do when I was young, always got into trouble for it.

If you study the patterns closely, you can see that the people who are against the government are the same people who are stuck in their dead-end full time jobs (or they might not even have a job in the first place). They wake up every morning doing something they despise, counting down every hour until they leave the workplace and just living each day as it comes without any real hunger in them. This lifestyle has been conceptualized quite long ago and it’s called the ‘Comfort Zone’.

*Okay Mini-Rant here. Please bare with me

Just because you have a Diploma, a Degree or your 3.99 GPA  does not guarantee a smooth sailing life with a high-paying full time job waiting for you at the end of your formal education.

Someone I regard very highly told me this. ” Formal education is like a safety net. Continual Education should be what everyone strives for.”

*Ahhhh I feel so much better now

Well I am still a young adult and have yet to enter the real world. I have yet to serve NS too. I have not felt what a full-time job feels like or what 2 years of “Serving” the nation feels like. Maybe after that my perception might change. Until that moment comes, I am going to continue to pursue my dreams in this place I call home and continue to prove to myself that I can be successful in life.

In my humble opinion, in order to be considered a maverick, one has to be able to think critically and always be willing to seek ways to improve one’s craft. One has to serve people with the intention of enriching their lives, not with the primary intention of moneymaking.

Like it or not, we are placed on this earth to serve people.

I’ll end my post with a scene from my all-time favourite movie, The Pursuit Of Happyness.