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Discuss how physical activity helps in the prevention of obesity-related illnesses.

Physical activity is one of the main factors with regards to the prevention of obesity-related illnesses such as Diabetes type 2,High Blood Pressure and some forms of cancer and more. I personally feel that ANY physical activity is better than none. I always hate the excuse people give when they say they got no time yet they are able to watch their favourite TV shows and surf the net, refreshing every minute to see their Facebook Status Updates.

Physical activity can be very as simple as taking the stairs down instead of using the lift. That is a good start although it might not have the desired effect of PREVENTING obesity-related illnesses, especially if you keep eating the way you eat that made you obese in the first place. If you want to see a drastic improvement in your health and wellbeing, you should get your butt down to the gym and try to learn as much as possible to make sure you don’t waste time and be efficient in the gym.

The reason why exercising is blatantly effective at preventing obesity and its related illnesses is that it promotes insulin sensitivity and reduces insulin resistance which basically means that you are fat(To varying degrees I might add. The more insulin resistant you are, the more fatter you are and the more closer you are to metabolic syndrome.)Exercise makes your muscles more insulin sensitive and slowly over time, you become more and more insulin sensitive(lean mean fighting machine) and less insulin resistant(walking tub of lard).

Why would someone want to prevent obesity-related illnesses when one can prevent obesity itself? If one takes the necessary steps as outlined in the previous problems, I am sure one can slowly but surely fight off obesity for good and live life to the fullest.

*This is just one of my many essay questions that I have written for school work. More coming soon! If there is anything wrong or if there is a need for constructive criticism/feedback just let me know!


Back to the gym!

It has been far too long my friends.I have not stepped into the gym for a good 3-4 weeks due to plain laziness.My left ankle lateral bone is quite painful whenever I Squat,Deadlift or Pronate and Supinate my ankle. I foam rolled and stretched as usual. I wanted to front squat but even with the bar my ankle hurts.Bodyweight however was okay. I moved on to try deadlift but I also felt it. I made a decision to do Upper body work that day. The workout is as follows.

A1 Pullup BW x 3, 5 sec iso hold at the top,5 sec lowering x 5 reps

B1 One Arm Row 17.5kg x 10  17.5kg x 10  17.5kg x 10

B2 Pushup  BW x 15  BW x 10  BW x 8

C1 Seated External Rotation  2.5kg x 10  2.5kg x 10

C2 Lying Trap 3 Raise  1.25kg x 10  1.25kg x 10


Did not do pullups for a loong time which explains for the drop in numbers.I did not want to go too heavy too soon because of my hiatus. The 17.5kg was enough to humble me for 10 reps.Concentrated on explosiveness and the quick turnaround. I decided to pair the rows with pushups instead of presses to save my rotator cuffs and shoulder due to previous niggly injuries. I forced myself to do prehab/rehab work with the external rotation(rotator cuff) and lying trap 3 raise(Lower traps). My infraspinatus and supraspinatus were pumped as hell after that!

Whats your excuse for not going to the gym?

Inspiring and touching(And you thought your life is miserable.)

SGTitans training

Walked to Titans ground from Alps training at Marsling with Andyn and Teng. Did mobility drills and stretched as usual. I wanted to do a few sets of farmers walk and then move on to kettlebell stuff.

I did just two sets of Farmers walk and rested too long. I then went on to kettlebell stuff. Here are the exact exercises.

One-arm Jerk- (each arm) 12kgx10, 16kgx10,20kgx10,24kgx5,16kgx10,12kgx10. Work set- 16kgx10 for 10 sets.

It was the first time I felt pumped and cramped from kettlebell lifting.My lower back and quads were the main affectors.I re-injured my right shoulder with the 24kg jerks but after the shoulder mobility drills and scaling back the weight,it felt okay. I can feel a distinct difference in speed and explosiveness between my right and left side. My left side is much more quicker than my right.

Overall a very good session and inspiring one watching 32kg kettlebells being hoisted up effortlessly(or so it seems).

Bodyweight training

Sup! Been very long since I last updated. Training has been inconsistent but my sleep and nutrition has taken a backseat(the last seat) due primarily to the World Cup! Netherlands FTW!!!

I planned to do some bodyweight exercises in a circuit fashion. Pull Push Abs.

Pullup,Dips,Reverse Crunch.

Inverted Row,Pushups,Plank.

It looks good in paper eh? However it didnt go as planned due to some kindergarten kids running around the fitness corner and also I got my right rotator cuff injured at the same exact place.I could feel the inflammation and heat very quickly.I stopped and took my hockey ball to massage that part.It was less painful than last time though.My workout was cut short and I was quite disappointed it didnt work out as how I’d like.