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Ahoy Matee!!

I was out and about since my holidays that I think my home is like a hotel for me. I did a camp from 1-3 june at Pulau Ubin. It was Pasir Ris Primary School kids(Primary 5).They were a chaotic bunch to say the least. I would like to think I was not that bad during primary school but I bet others would beg to differ.

After I came back, I slept like there was no tommorow. The next day I went out to cut my hair and meetup with my brothers from another mother. It has been sucha long time since we all came together. It was very very fun and we missed each other’s company. Played Monopoly and went out for supper. Came back at 3am.

I cant believe how idiotic we looked last time.

Yesterday,We went out again, this time to sentosa! Asyrani is all grown up,serving the nation and all so we gathered everybody for one last time before he goes into camp. I was very happy that everybody came. We went in a convoy of 4 bikes at first, but my bike being as slow as a turtle couldn’t catch up with them so I went at my own pace. After Sentosa we headed to Jalan Kayu to eat.After that we headed to Yishun Dam to relax and oogle at bikes and cars showing off. Went back after awhile and reached home at 3am again.