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A random training session

Goblet Squat 10kg plate x 6  10kg x 5  10kg x 5  10kg x 5  10kg x 5

Face Pulls(Cable)  6.25kg x 10  8.75kg x 10  11.25kg x 10  13.75kg x 10

High Incline Press  10kg x 10  15kg x 10  15kg x 6

Good Morning(Superset)  40kg x 6  40kg x 5  40kg x 5  40kg x 5

Pushup(Superset) BW x 8 BW x 8 BW x 8 BW x 5

Seated Cable Row  Full Stack x 8 Full Stack x 12(Wide Grip) Full Stack x 10(Wide)


Don’t ask me why I did not follow my 5×5 programme. I just wanted to try new exercises as you can tell by my exercise selection. A Goblet Squat looks like this.I held the 10kg plate with my arms extended.It makes a big difference if you hold it close to you like in the picture or if you extend your arms and lock it there.

The Goblet Squat, a useful tool to teach people how to squat properly(E.g Chest up,Back Straight)

I decided to do Face Pulls because I figured I have very weak Upper Back and Rhomboids.I am a Lat dominant person and what that means is that I can feel my Lats more easily than my Upper back(Scapulae Squeeze). I could feel my Lower Trapezius and my Rear Deltoids. It was my first time doing High Incline Presses and I think it might be a staple in my future programmes.

I also tried Good Mornings. I did not know why I don’t do this exercise more often. I need to strengthen my Hamstrings. I really felt the stretch of my hammies and it felt good. I supersetted with pushups to enhance the metabolic effect. Overall a very good and zen session.


SGTitans Training

I reached late because of the mountaineering talk(Yes I joined mountaineering).I was greeted by a sight of two big groups doing kettlebell work. I was disappointed I missed the opportunity to polish my kettlebell movement patterns. I was surprised when I saw a few of my schoolmates there too. They were playing netball there though.

I was supposed to practise on my deck squats, which I cannot do.

Instead I practised on my balance and it was surprisingly difficult. To rephrase, I suck at balancing my own bodyweight.(Don’t worry folks none of that unstable surface squatting crap) I did single leg deadlifts and maintained that position for as long as possible. My knees and ankles were shaking like nobody’s business.

One thing that I was very happy about was that I relearnt how to do a Kettlebell snatch and it felt completely different! I could feel instant explosiveness and it looked aesthetically pleasing too.

Modified 5×5(Done on 28th April)

Front Squat  40kg x 5  40kg x 5  50kg x 5  50kg x 5  50kg x 5

DB Neutral Shoulder Press  12.5kg x 5  15kg x 5  15kg x 5  15kg x 5  15kg x 5

Neutral Grip Pullup  BW x 4  BW x 4  BW x 3 BW x 2

Conventional Deadlift  100kg x 5 100kg x 5


I tried Front Squats after a long while and boy it feels good. I felt more explosive when compared to Back Squats. I think it is due to the lighter weight used. I felt very weak and very slow during the shoulder press. I could only muster 5 reps with 15kg. My shoulder is definitely a glaring weak point.

The Pullups were okay but I think it is time for a change of grip soon. Oh speaking of pullups, I am going to be a subject for my friend’s study which is about types of training that will lead to increased pullup performance. I am excited to be part of this study and hopefully my pullup numbers go up.

Ronnie Coleman,8 times Mr Olympia(8 consecutive wins mind you)

It has been a long time since I deadlifted and boy did it show. 100kg felt like 120kg. I did not do touch and go because I think I lost my touch with regards to the deadlift form.I scraped the bar against my shins and kept my hips low and chest up. It really feels different. I think I need to record myself to critique my form.

Modified 5×5(Done on 27 April)

Squat  40kg x 5 50kg x 5  55kg x 5  57.5kg x 5  60kg x 5

Dumbell Press Neutral Grip  15kg x 5  17.5kg x 5  22.5kg x 5 22.5kg x 4  17.5kg x 5

One Arm Row  20kg x 5  25kg x 5  30kg x 5  32.5kg x 5  32.5kg x 5

Push up  BW x 10  BW x 10  BW x 6

Reverse Crunch  BW x 12  BW x 12  BW x 10

Metabollic Conditioning(Met.Con)

2 sets of 16kg Snatch,Clean and Swing


It has been 3 weeks since I stepped into the gym. Foam rolled and stretched. Mobility still not so good. My Back Squat technique still needs tweaking. I realise I have very weak Hamstrings. My shoulder felt weird during the One Arm Row for no apparent reason. I decided to do neutral grip for the dumbell bench press to spare the shoulder.

The world’s strongest teenager!

Malaysia Strongman Challenge

I woke up at 5+ abruptly and realised I had a hard time breathing. Was coughing very badly and the first thing that popped up was that I had a freakin’ competition later. I went to sleep and woke up at 8 and was thankfully better.

Reached our meeting point and headed to Malaysia. Had a lot of fun in the car with our very own BC(Blur Cock). It’s an inside joke so I wont spill it here. Reached the venue, IOI Mall which is in Kulai. We had lunch there and quickly got ready for the competition.

1st event was the tyre flip. 160kg tyre. It was a small tyre compared to the normal tractor tyres that the titans were used to. Therefore we had to use a different technique.Pure Lower Back. The floor was very slippery too. I was pscyhed for this event and I knew I could complete it if I push myself to the max. I started off well but eventually slipped a few times and lost momentum. I was halfway through when the tyre fell down and I fell down genitals first and it was fucking painful. Vejay was shouting for me to carry on but I just could not carry on. So sad.

2nd event was the yoke walk. 2 50kg jerry cans suspended by chains. It was quite easy but I did not focus enough. I ran with the yoke but it fell halfway and the chain broke. The officials fixed it and I completed it belatedly.

3rd event was the farmer’s walk. 2 50kg jerry cans. This was quite easy too. I ran with it but when I was just about to finish it I dropped it and completed it belatedly too. Quite disappointed with my performance.

The 4th event was the Deadlift. The starting weight is 200kg. I completed the first rep with ease. Next weight was 250kg. That was a bitch. Could only lift it minimally. There was 4 weights in total. 200kg,250kg,300kg,350kg. There were only a handful of people that could rep with 350kg. It was impressive to say the least.

The last event was the Power Stairs. My body was already very cold. 100kg went up with ease. The 150kg was a bitch. I could deadlift it up but could not get it up to the stairs. I was very frustrated. There was 3 blocks. 100kg,150kg,200kg. Again, only a handful of people completed all 3 weights in 1min 30s.

Overall, it was a very fun experience. I will definitely remember it. I gave a good acount of myself and thought I did pretty okay except for some mistakes. Well we as humans, learn from mistakes. I certainly had fun competing(against myself for the most part) and that my friends, is the most important thing in life. Have fun doing what you do. God bless.

Malaysia Boleh!

Last SG Titans Training before Comp.

I have not been going to the gym lately because of  my involvement in the orientation programme. It was a blast to say the least. But I Digress.

I went for training knowing that I have alot to improve on. I warmed up with kettlebell drills. I did tyre flips for 15 reps and it was easier than last session but still kicks major ass. The yoke walk was even harder than the flips though. Out of 5 attempts, I could only lift it up 1 time. The lifting off the floor is harder than the walking part. I guess being a bad squatter does show huh.

We simulated the actual competition and I was quite nervous about training(maybe I’m too scared to push myself.) The power stairs was also quite hard even though I have a height advantage.

One of the greatest Strongman to grace the Earth, Bill Kazamaier.