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5 x 5 Workout A

Squat 30kg x 5 40kg x 5 50kg x 5 55kg x 5 60kg x 5

Bench Press 30kg x 5 40kg x 5 50kg x 5 60kg x 5 62.5kg x 4

Inverted Row BW x 12 BW x 10 BW x 8

Push Up BW x 12 BW x 10 BW x 8

Reverse Crunch BW x 12 BW x 12 BW x 8


I realise my Quadriceps and Hips and more responsive towards foam rolling and stretching when compared to my Piriformis. When I squat ATG(Ass To Grass), I feel that I have a hard time ‘pushing my knees outwards’ than hitting depth. Now the problem is that my Thoracic Spine is compensating(rounding) for the lack of mobility in my Piriformis. Once I save up enough money, I will get A.R.T.(Active Release Therapy) done on myself. I cannot wait for that day to happen because then I will be as mobile and flexible as a female gymnast

A move taken out of the Karmasutra page.

I was happy about the Bench Press because my form was excellent although bar speed was quite slow during the last few reps of the last set. The reverse crunch still is kicking my ass badly. I think it is one of the few ab exercises that is good for you, if done correctly.

The Reverse Crunch; a superior exercise(Hip flexor elimination) compared to the whimsical sit-up.(Hip flexor recruitment)


5 x 5 Workout A Week 2

Squat  42.5kg x 5 50kg x 5 60kg x 5  65kg x 5 67.5kg x 4

Bench Press  40kg x 5 50kg x 5 60kg x 5 55kg x 4 50kg x 5

Inverted Row  BW x 12 BW x 8 BW x 7

Push up  BW x 12 BW x 10 BW x 7

Reverse Crunch BW x 12 BW x 12 BW x 8


I only had 2 hours of sleep. Took caffeine pills.200mg before 1st meal and 200mg 45mins before workout. I foam rolled and stretched twice again. I can really feel the difference versus just one session of warmup in school. Getting into the squat stretch was effortless after I was done with the 2nd warming up session. Unracking the barbell for the Bench Press was extremely difficult today, for some unknown reason(lack of sleep).

It may seem effortless for most of you. But for some people with sedentary lifestyle growing up and when you add long limbs, it becomes a whole different ballgame.

5 x 5 Workout B Week 2

Squat  40kg x 5 40kg x 5 60kg x 5 65kg x 5 67.5kg x 5

Overhead Press 22.5kg x 5 25kg x 5 27.5kg x 5 30kg x 5 32.5kg x 5

Deadlift 95kg x 5

Pullups BW x 4 BW x 3 BW x 2

Did not do Prone Bridge


I foam rolled and stretched twice. Once before I left my home and one more time before I started my workout. It really made a difference. I could feel I am less tighter than usual. Squats felt great except the last set which was a grinding set from the 3rd rep onwards. The overhead press is something that is sorely lacking behind. I tried a ‘false’ grip which means the thumb does not wrap the bar,instead it is just placed on the bar. It sure is different from pressing with normal grip.

I concentrated on straightening my legs once the bar is going to pass my knee instead of straightening it once the bar has been lifted which is wrong.I need to videotape my lifts to critique my form and technique. I felt shagged after the deadlift even though it was just one set and it is probably around 70-80% of my capability.

The Deadlift. Looks easy eh? Wait 'till you try it.

A Short Hiatus

Well as you can see I haven’t been going to the gym often. It is because I’ve attended 3 camps since the start of March. I’m not going to elaborate on the details because I’m lazy.(Ask me and I’ll tell you) I got darker(Damnit),learnt more about myself and was very happy I decided to get out of my comfort zone. I had a lot of fun with the kids and instructors and got to know a whole bunch of people.

STC Sec3C Campers.

I had a SHL camp in school recently and it was a blast too! Unfortunately it was a 2D1N camp but it is already considered a privilege because we are the only school to have an overnight camp.Got to know more SHL peeps and boy were they a fun bunch. I laughed like I’ve never laughed in a long while during the camp.

SHL peeps

All in all, I did not regret the decision I made one single bit by attending the camps even though my nutrition and workouts were thrown out of the window. The reasoning I had was this, If I were to spend my holidays doing nothing, I will definitely regret it once my 2nd year starts in RP. If people ask me what did I do during the holidays, I wouldn’t be ashamed to say that I did something worthwhile. What about you? What are you doing with your life that is worth a mention?

Proud of my roots!

5 x 5 Workout B Week 1

A Squat  45kg x 5  47.5kg x 5 50kg x 5  55kg x 5  62.5kg x 5

B Overhead Press  20kg x 5 22.5kg x 5 25kg x 5 27.5kg x 5 30kg x 5

C Deadlift 90kg x 5

D Pullups BW x 3 BW x 3 BW x 2

E Prone Bridge 2 legs,30 sec  1 leg,30sec  1leg,30 sec


I felt extreme soreness in my shoulder and chest region after yesterday. Even my Upper Back was sore. Overhead Presses felt good mainly because I started out very light. I followed the programme and did 1 set of deadlifts. I started at 90kg because I wanted to tweak my form. I was very fatigued and pullups were hard!

Gotta train like an ANIMAL!

Stronglifts 5 x 5 Workout A Week 1

A  Wide Stance Squat  40kg x 5 50kg x 5 60kg x 5 60kg x 5 60kg x 5

B  Bench Press  40kg x 5 50kg x 5 50kg x 5 50kg x 5 55kg x 5

C  Inverted Row  BW x 10 BW x 7 BW x 4

D Push Up  BW x 14 BW x 7 BW x 10

E  Reverse Crunch  BW x 10 BW x 4 BW x 5


I decided to do 5 x 5 because I have longed to do this programme but there was always another programme that I was currently doing. It was also my first time in a long while timing my rest periods and boy was I resting too much the previous few weeks. When I timed my rest periods to 60-90 seconds I realised how fast time flies. My shirt was drenched because of the intensity of the workout. Squats felt uneasy even with the proper warmup(foam rolling,dynamic,static stretch). It has been a long time since I did inverted rows and boy were they a ego crusher.I felt a good M2M connection on it too. Well I guess it’s time to put the one arm rows to the backburner for now.

Pull Strength Phrase

Box Jumps(on stadium steps)

Neutral Grip Pullups BW x 5 BW x 3 BW x 3 BW x 1 BW x 2

Seated V-Bar Row Full x 12 Full x 12  Full x 12 Full x 15

One Arm Row 17.5kg x 7

Towel Row 20kg x 15 20kg x 10


1st time doing box jumps. I landed very loudly the first few times. Very unsightly. After a while I got the hang of it and landed softly. I was working up a sweat so fast unlike someone who ran 2 rounds and stopped without even sweating. I thought of doing some sprints but my glutes and hamstrings were sore from yesterday morning’s Badminton Session and evening Soccer session.

I did 5 pullups even though I could’ve reached 6 but I did not want to affect my preceding sets. The seated row pulley is meant for small kids I think. I have to revert to using dumbells because even with the full stack I think i can hit 20+ reps if I wanted to. Overall a good session before I depart for Malaysia.

The title says it all.