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Heading into new territory

I am so excited these few days since I talked to my classmate who asked me whether I would like to follow him on an expedition. It is an outdoor adventure trip and it is going to be in Johor.It will be on the 2nd to 5th March.(Try not to miss me too much my loyal readers!) We will be the instructors bringing Tanjong Katong Secondary School kids there. Sec 2 by the way.I initially hesitated because I was thinking about my gym,eating habits and what not but I just decided to do it because anything beats staying at home killing time.

The main activities will be Kayaking at Johor River and Gunung Panti Expedition.I am especially looking forward to Kayaking because it is pure fun! I tried White water rafting before and it was a ball-growing experience. I prepared myself for this trip by buying a wet shoe. Decided to go to Queensway with my classmate and got a Adidas JawPaw( Isn’t the name catchy?) and 3/4 track pants.

The Adidas JawPaw


Legs Strength Session

Acivation work   Jump Squats   1 Leg RDL

1 Wide Stance Squat 40kg x 3 50kg x 3 60kg x 3 80kg x 2 80kg x 1(Slow)

2 Deadlift 110kg x 3 110kg x 3 120kg x 2 120kg x 1


I used a tennis ball to foam roll my calves and pifirormis(google it). My piriformis felt unusually tighter. My explosiveness on the squats has to improve. I come out of the hole very slow. Deadlifts were unusually off too. I did not want to work at max capacity so I stopped at 120kg. I felt my lower back more than anything else. I think I straighten my legs too early thus shifting the load to my lower back. Overall I still need to work on the nuances of my technique.

The Deadlift(Mixed Grip)

Pull Strength Session

Hammer Pullup BW x 6(!) BW x 2 BW x 2 BW x 2(Last Rep Kipp)

Seated V-Bar Row Full Stack x 12 Full Stack x 12 Full Stack x 10 Full Stack x 10

Towel One Arm Row 20kg x 5 15kg x 5 15kg x 15

4kg Med Ball Throws from Chest, Slams(Tabata intervals,20sec work,10 sec rest for 4 minutes)


I can finally do 6 Pullups! Never reached 6 before! Even though it affected my preceding sets, I felt a sense of accomplishment! It is proper form, no swinging(kipping) and no half-reps(all the way down all the way up). I decided to do seated rows because I could stretch my upper back and lats more and therefore activating it more. I decided to do Towel rows and boy was it challenging. I used a thicker towel from the last time and it proved different. I could get 20 reps with 20kg with the thinner towel but only 5 reps with the thicker towel. Part of it may be due to fatigue but I could feel my grip was weak. After getting a good grip, I could get 15 reps with 15kg.

Look at the Lat Insertion!!

Push Strength Session

1 arm Clean and Press 7.5kg x 3 10kg x 3 12.5kg x 3 15kg x 3

Overhead Press 30kg x 3 35kg x 3(slow) 35kg x 3(fast) 40kg x 2(slow) 40kg x 2(slow)

Bench Press  40kg x 3 50kg x 3 60kg x 2 60kg x 2

Lateral Raise Machine (Forgot the resistance. Did 2 sets of 8-10 reps)

16kg Kettlebell Swing, 1 arm clean circuit(Tabata intervals,20sec work,10sec rest)


I had very poor sleep the prior night and I also had a small breakfast(Protein Shake + Nuts). I had diarhheoa from eating the extra spicy chicken that my grandmother cooked. I was cranky as hell and did not want to workout at all. I just decided to go ahead with it since I was already there. My shoulder felt better mobility wise. I just tried the Lateral Raise machine just for the fun of it. The machine felt restricting to say the least.

Making full use of my licenses

Well I acquired my class 3(car) license somewhere around June last year(2nd time pass). I took a few months break before I pursued my class 2B(Motorbike) license(1st time pass). I feel I am a better driver than a rider and If you were to ask me which I prefer, it would be hard to pick because I’ve been riding only 1 bike(Pulsar) and I drove 2 cars(Uncle’s Chevrolet Aveo & a rented Misubishi Evo EX). I have been driving the Evo EX for the past 2 days and it is like a prostitute,it gives you what you want.(sorry for the bad analogy).It is just so reactive and just listens to you.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution EX

Overall I would still pick driving a car because of a few reasons.One of them is because of the way I ride. I am quite a reckless rider at times and very impatient when I am riding.However,it is so easy to go through cars when there is a alot of traffic or a jam. The rain is a huge factor for riders because of attire and road conditions. Another reason why I would pick driving a car because I just LOVE cars. Even though now is not an appropriate time to get a car, I made a promise to myself I am going to get a Subaru Impreza WRX STI.

Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Legs Strength Phrase

Legs Strength Phrase

Activation work 1 leg RDL 2 sets of 5   Jump Squats 3 sets of 3

1 Wide Stance Squat  40kg x 3 50kg x 3 60kg x 3 70kg x 3 80kg x 2

2 Conventional Deadlift  110kg x 3  120kg x 3  130kg x 2


I did not want to overwork myself today as I had been training consecutively since Wednesday and I am still going for SGTitans training tommorow. My left quadricep was tight as hell. I was sweating profusely even before I touched any weight. Wide stance squat felt good. Took out my handphone to record my form. My lower back is straighter than when I used Heel elevation with a narrower stance. I shall stick to wide stance squatting for a while to see where it takes me.

I made up my mind to do 2-3 sets of Deadlifts at 70-90% 1RM. Did not want to tax myself too much and also Deadlift is my strongest exercise so I dont need as much work on that as Squats.

Are you willing to die trying?