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Legs Strength Phrase Week 3

Legs Strength Phrase Week 3

Activation work

Jump Squats 3 x 5 Box Squats 2 x 3

A1 Zercher Squats 40kg x 3 50kg x 3 50kg x 3 60kg x 3 60kg x 3(MFP)

B1 Rack pulls 90kg x 3 110kg x 3 130kg x 2 130kg x 2 150kg x 1(MFP) 90kg x 10(Max Rep Set)


The humble foam roller. Don't be deceived by its appearance!

I just realised the school gym has a foam roller!!! Wohooo!!!!!! I was so so ecstatic and immediately foam roalled my quads. I tried Zercher Squats for the first time. The pressure on my arms was the limiting factor but thankfully I wore a long sleeve shirt. The bar kept on hitting my quads at the bottom position which also was limiting my depth. I did Rack Pulls to improve my last part of the deadlift. I always tend to drop the bar when it is nearly locked which frustrates me.


Pull Strength Phrase Week 3

Pull Strength Phrase week 3

Activation work

Med ball slams, Clean pulls, High pulls

A1 Power Clean 30kg x 3 40kg x 3 x 5(5 sets of 3) 50kg x 2(MFP)

B1 Hammer Grip Pullup BW x 3 BW x 2 Bw x 1 BW x 1 BW x 1 BW x 1

C1 One Arm Row  20kg x 5 25kg x 5 27.5kg x 5 30kg x 5(MFP) 17.5kg x 15(Max Rep Set)


I was happy that I managed to get 3 pullups after a long time. I was able to get 5 last year but lets not reminisce about the past. My aim this year is to be able to get 12 Pullups(NOT Chinups or Hammer Grip Pullups,both of which are easier variations). My explosiveness and form is getting better on the Power Cleans. I am able to hear the sound the bar makes when you explosively lift it. I switched to One Arm Row because I could feel my lats more than bent-over barbell row.My right side was noticeably slower on the acceleration on the One Arm Row.

Maiden Trip to Johor on my bike

My brother called me at around 9.30 in the night to ask me whether I wanted to go to JB to pump petrol and to change my engine oil. I agreed because I had nothing to do at home and we went with 2 other guys, one is my neighbour who rides a TZM and his friend who also rides a TZM. It is a beautiful machine.

Yamaha TZM

When we reached there, there was a slow-moving jam. The smoke pollution was off the charts. I squeezed through and promptly passed through the Singapore customs. The route to the Malaysia customs was very challenging with a lot of hairpin bends and narrow paths. To be frank I was afraid of hitting something or just falling down.I managed to go past the Malaysia customs unscathed

Hairpin bend in Ooty

I waited for the rest of them as I was the first to clear customs. We proceeded to Bapok Lane(what a road name!) to do some minor stuff to our respective bikes.I changed my engine oil, my neighbour had to repair his spark plug because he had problems starting the bike and my brother changed his engine oil and his bubble( the transparent cover on top of the headlight).

After we were done, we topped up fuel at petronas and headed back to Singapore. After clearing the customs my neighbour did the superman on his bike and I literally uttered What The Fuck! I tried my top speed which increased due to new engine oil. I could also feel that the gear shifting was much smoother.

Reached home at 2am and promptly slept.Well usually I do not like sleeping late but once in a while(and for a good reason) it was okay.I treasure sleep ALOT!

Push Strength Phrase Week 3

Push Strength Phrase Week 3

Activation work

Med ball throws from chest to wall

A1 Push Press 30kg x 3 30kg x 3 35kg x 3 35kg x 3(Fast,Grip Change) 40kg x 3(MFP,grinding) 20kg x 10(Max Rep Set)

B1 Bench Press 40kg x 3 50kg x 3 50kg x 3 60kg x 3(MFP) 40kg x 9(Max Rep Set)

C1 Lateral Raise 5kg x 3 5kg x 8 2.5kg x 14

D1 Farmers Walk(around gym’s perimeter) 2 laps x 25kg


I feel like as if my strength is plummeting. I changed my grip on the push press just to experiment. I felt much more natural and was able to produce more force. My Max Force Production(MFP) on both presses dropped and the last set of the push press was unsightly, very slow. I felt my shoulder pain,albeit less and just randomly did a few sets.

I am trying to improve my grip strength and I took a pair of 25kg dumbells and walked around the gym perimeter. People were looking at me like I was a freak but you know what? I DONT CARE! I dropped the dumbells a few times when I did not use the Hook grip. During the 2nd lap with the hook grip, it felt much more stable but I wonder whether it is a good thing to use hook grip which enhances your grip strength when what you are doing is contradictory which is improving grip strength.

The Farmer's Walk

Legs Strength Phrase Week 2

Legs Strength Phrase Week 2

A1 Wide Stance Squat  40kg x 3 60kg x 3 70kg x 3 70kg x 3 80kg x 2(MFP) 60kg x 5(Max Rep Set)

B1 Snatch Grip Deadlift 60kg x 3 80kg x 3 90kg x 3 90kg x 1(grip) 100kg x 2(MFP) 80kg x 3,2(grip)(Max Rep Set)

C1 Finger Deadlift(Index,Index + Middle, Index + Middle + Ring, Index + Middle + Ring + Pinky)


I tried using a belt for squats and it helped me minimally. The last two sets of squats were very slow. I was grinding on the last rep of 80kg. I decided to give it a try for Snatch grip deadlift but it felt uncomfortable. I took it out on the 2nd set and it felt good. My hamstrings felt tight when I stretched it for my warmups. I need to increase my poundages for squats and deadlift to increase posterior chain strength(lower back,glutes,hamstrings)

A very well developed Posterior Chain

Finally, SGTitans training!

After a loong time, I went for SGTitans training. Mainly because I had a bike so travelling is a breeze! My form on KB snatches were horrible. I also was very slow on the tyre flips. Well this is what happens when you miss strongman trainings regularly.

I am going to go atleast once a week and try to lift that 250kg tyre!!! It is still my nemesis and I believe I can do it. The 180kg tyre is quite easy already but I need to work on my explosiveness.

Look at his posterior chain!

Pull Strength Phrase Week 2

Activation work

Clean pulls, High pulls, Med ball slams.

A1 Hang Cleans 30kg x 3 35kg x 3 40kg x 3 40kg x 3(MFP)

B1 Hammer Grip Pullups Bw x 2 Bw x 1 Bw x 2 BW x 1 Bw x 1

C1 Bent Over Barbell Row 40kg x 3 50kg x 3 50kg x 3 60kg x 3 70kg x 2 70kg x 2(MFP)

D1 Power Upright Row 20kg x 3 30kg x 3 30kg x 3 35kg x 3 40kg x 3(MFP)

Max Rep Set – C1 40kg x 10


I was pleased by my progress on my pullup numbers even though I am sure I can get 3-4 reps albiet grinding on the last two but since the name of the game is acceleration and speed, I just sticked to 1-2 reps. I am still having problems connecting my M2M connection for my upper back on bent over barbell rows. All I feel are my erectors. I stuck to upright rows because I want my shoulders to grow!! I used my legs too which made it a power upright row,kinda like a high pull.(actually I think it is the same exercise with different names and slight technique difference).

Franco Colombu going all the way up on wide grip pullups, not commonly seen due to inflated egos