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Inspiration at its best, wrestling style

I have been a fan of wrestling ever since I was a young kid. Watching the British Bulldog,The Rock,Triple H,Stone Cold Steve Austin,Shawn Michaels,Bret Hart( One of my all-time faves),Undertaker(Also falls into that list) really showed me what the human body was capable of achieving. They torture themselves week in week out taking hits left,right and center and they still carry on majestically.

Nobody could ever pull off wearing Pink like he did!


Legs Strength Phrase Week 5 Deload


Strength Phrase Week 5


A1 Heel Elevated Squats  80kg x 3  75kg x 5

A2 Lying Hamstring Curl  8th hole x 6  8th hole x 6

B1 Romanian Deadlift  110kg x 5  110kg x 4

B2 Lunges  12.5kg x 6  12.5kg x 6


My Lats were fried from my upper body workout. I really had the mind to muscle connection on my Lats on the Deadlifts. I took videos of myself Squatting and Deadlifting to self-analyse my technique and look to where I can improve. I will upload these videos soon so watch this space! My squat form was not bad but my lower back keeps on rounding when I enter the ‘hole’ or in other words the last few inches of range of motion. Although I’ve been squatting like that pretty much of the year, it still concerns me because you cannot do that when you go heavy, and it also prevents you from going heavy.


Now a lot of you might be wondering what is a Deload workout. Well it is just a de-load from a usual workout which means that the volume(total number of sets) go down while the intensity(poundage) goes up. It is inversely proportional. What this does is that it ‘forces’ your body to be stronger while giving it a ‘rest’. I’ll be the example. Usually I do 4 sets of a certain exercise. In a Deload, I will only do 2 sets but I have to increase weight but I’ll just be doing it for 2 sets instead of 4.The workout usually lasts 20minutes or so but boy is it intense!

This goes without saying, you must use common sense and know your limitations and most importantly, fuck the ego. Use a weight you can handle and be sensible. Now the next workout after the deload should be a record-setting one, in paper. I should be able to complete 4 sets of the weight I used for my deload workout that I did for only 2 sets. This is where nutrition and sleep(recovery) is crucial. If you do not eat and sleep properly, your body will not get the hint that you want to grow stronger!

Upper Body Strength Phrase Week 5 Deload

Upper Body

Strength Phrase Week 5


A1 Medium Grip Pullups  2 x 3(30seconds negative)  1 x 3(30)

A2 Incline Dumbell Press  25kg x 5  25kg x 4

B1 One Arm Row  30kg x 5  30kg x 5

B2 Decline Dumbell Press  22.5kg x 5  22.5kg x 5

C1 Seated External Rotation  2.5kg x 10  2.5kg x 10

C2 Lying Trap 3 Raise  1.25kg x 12  1.25kg x 12


I kind of delayed doing my Deload workout because of afew activities and unwanted public holidays which made a gym a ghost town,literally. Finally did it today and boy what a great workout. I felt strong and my form was pretty good. Very stable and I’m getting acquainted with the ‘perfect’ rep.

I introduced one of my classmates to the irongame. He kept on telling me that he felt skinny in the class and wanted to pack on some mass! I decided to put forth my effort into him only because he did not want to be associated with the group, ALL TALK,NO ACTION.

He exceeded my expectations because he picked up onto terms very quickly and he was just like a sponge,absorbing vital information pertaining to his goal which always makes my job easier. I know he will succeed and eventually reach his goal and consequently develop a love for the irongame.

Tommorow is going to be Leg day! I hope to smash more PR’s. I might want to try 80kg squat and 115kg Romanian Deadlift. I have to start putting images of myself squatting and deadlifting those weights into my head like what the great gurus of the irongame,like Arnold Scwarzenegger had used to build his world-renowned physique.

I'll Be Baack!

Nutrition & Sleep


I slept at 4am and woke up at 11am. So that is 7 hours. Not too shabby. Felt my ligament strain during yesterday’s fico soccer outing which lasted for 4hours. I did not feel the strain when I woke up which is amazing!! I think the main suspect is my astonishingly tight indian calves. I tried punching it using my knuckles and my right calf was way tighter than my left.


11.30am – 1scoop Whey,Casein,2tbs peanut butter,6g fish oil,1DP

2.00pm – 2scoops Xtend(peri-workout)

4.30pm – 2scoops Xtend(post-workout)

5.30pm – 1scoop Whey

9.30pm – Same as meal 1


I have not been updating my blog recently because I feel ashamed of writing down the crappy junk food I ate for the past 4 days. However, I’ve found the mental resolve to come out of that rut and stay on track for my goals which is to go below 10% bodyfat @ 80-85kg and also try to enter the Republic Polytechnic Soccer Team!

Nutrition & Sleep


I slept early,feeling beaten up by the previous overnight cycling adventure. Slept at around 10.45pm and surprisingly woke up at 5.30am,without an alarm! I had good sleep but still kept on yawning. I wanted to go back to sleep but just could not.


6.00am – 2 potato stuffed buns

9.30am – 1scoop Whey,Casein,2tbs peanut butter,80g frozen berries,5g fish oil,1DP

12.45pm – 2scoops Xtend

3.30pm – Tendergrill burger,large fries,caramel sundae,2DP

7.30pm – 2scoops Xtend

11.00pm – 2 slices milk bread,1/2 tbs peanut butter

I went all the way to RP to go to the gym. When I reached there,to my bemusement, it was closed. The F.I. told me previously that Thursday was open and when I went there he told me it was half-day so it closed at 1pm. I was quite pissed off about it because I was really motivated to set PR’s. I went to Orchard after that to do some shopping and was ravenous upon reaching there so I decided to eat Burger King(AGAIN!) It was my second time I am eating fast food in the space of 3 days.This has got to stop!!

Nutrition & Sleep


I had one of the most uncomfortable sleep in a loong while. Kept on being awaken by my pain in my glutes and knee bruise. I went to sleep at 8am and woke up at 4pm. I will never ever cycle long distance again,and if I were to go back on my word, there must be a damn comfortable seat waiting then only I will consider.


4.30pm – 2 slices cheese,200ml milk,3 tiny dates,handful of cashew nuts,5g fish oil,1DP

8.30pm – 1scoop Whey,Casein,2tbs peanut butter,80g frozen berries,5g fish oil,1DP

Arms Strength Phrase Week 5(Deload)


Strength Phrase Week 5


A1 Medium Grip Barbell Curl  35kg x 6  40kg x 2

A2 Negative Dips  2 Dips,5 negative of 30seconds  1 Dip,5negative of 30 seconds

B1 Incline Curls  12.5kg x 3  10kg x 6

B2 Close Grip Bench Press  55kg x 6  60kg x 4


I chose to deload this week. The barbell curls felt sucky. The second set did not go as smoothly as I would have liked. I was very happy to do 2 full ROM dips. An improvement from last week! Felt great on the Close Grip Bench Press. I did not have a meal after my protein shake as I would’ve always done. I wanted to take a short nap before I go for overnight cycling at ECP. What an experience. Came back with twitching quads,lumps in my butt(bicycle seat sucked as hell) and a bruise to boot because I fell down(we were going very2 close to each other playfully and some one had to take the fall,literally) Cycled from ECP to Changi Beach,Changi Village and then OCH. From there we came back all the way. We rested at MCD then gingerly went back home.