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Nutrition & Sleep


I slept at 12 and woke up at 6.45(with alarm). My sleep was better than previous days but i still feel i need to sleep earlier. I would rate my sleep good though because it was uninterrupted.



7.15am – 3 half-boiled omega 3 eggs, Salad,10g fish oil,1 DP

12.30pm – 2chicken chops,Vegetables,10g fish oil,1DP

7.00pm – 2chicken chops,Vegetables,1DP

10.00pm – 2scoops casein,2tbs peanut butter(Sludge),10g fish oil,1dp


Chest/Back Strength Phrase Wk 2

Chest/Back Strength Phrase Wk 2

A1 Neutral grip pullups         2,6 x 30s  1,6 x 30s   0,5 x 27s  0,6 x 30s

B1 Incline DB press                 17.5 x 6  22.5 x 5  22.5 x 4  20 x 4 *(1 arm)

B2 One arm row                        22.5 x 6  25 x 5  25 x 5   25 x 4

C1 Seated External Rotation        2.5 x 10  2.5 x 10

C2 Incline trap 3 raise              1.25 x 12  1.25 x 12


Felt cold before the workout. That is one disadvantage of fully airconditioned polytechnic.( Not complaining ) I had a shoulder bruise that i got from the tyre flips and it bothered me whenever i rotated my shoulder. Surprisingly it did not even bother me one bit. I was proud of myself for doing the ‘C’ part of the workout because that is one part i always skip because of laziness + lack of bench. My rotator cuffs were quite tight and the motion was not that smooth so that is a constant reminder that i need to be disciplined enough to finish the workout,unless i want to have a shoulder injury. I also had poor mind to muscle connection on my lower traps on the trap 3 raise.

Workout Nutrition

Had the ‘Ashraf’s protocol for retaining or possibly building muscle while losing fats’

It is just 6 scoops of Xtend spread out evenly. 45mins pre-workout 2 scoops Xtend,during workout 2 scoops,post workout 2 scoops and finally 30mins after that 1scoop of whey protein.

“there is no point in being alive if you cannot do the deadlift” Jon Pall Sigmarsson

Nutrition & Sleep


My sleep yesterday was average. Slept at 1am and woke up at 8.30am(without alarm). Still i feel its not enough but oh well. Had an interruption @ 6+.Lasted afew seconds and boomz i was sound asleep again. Thats the reason why i would not rate my sleep anything higher than average. Felt fresh upon waking which is always a good sign of proper sleep.


9.30am – Sludge(1 scoop whey,casein,2tbs peanut butter + 70grams frozen blueberries)10g fish oil,1 DP

4pm – Striploin beef steak ( approx 300g ),salad, 10g fish oil,1DP

9pm – Same as meal 2

Just another day in the life of the elite minds

Nutrition & Sleep


I could not sleep the last night because i slept in my grandmother’s home that afternoon. I only slept at 5am and woke up at 11am. Damn just 6 hours. I wanted atleast 10 but it just was not meant to be.


12pm – 1 scoop casein,handful of cashew nuts,10g fish oil,1 digestive pill

4pm – 1 striploin beef steak( approx 300g ) Salad,10g fish oil,1 digestive pill

6pm – Afew pieces of ‘kuehs’ ( Should have controlled myself )

10pm – Same as meal 2

Legs Strength Phrase Wk 1


Strength Phrase – 1

A1 Heel elevated back squat          60 x 6 62.5 x 6 62.5 x 6 60 x 6

A2 Lying Hamstring curl                 6th x 6 9th x 6 11th x 6 12th x 6

B1 Romanian Deadlift                        60 x 6 70 x 6 70 x 6 70 x 6

B2 Bulgarian split squat                    BW x 6 BW x 6 BW x 6 BW x 6


45min prior – 2scoops Xtend,During workout – 2scoops Xtend,Post workout shake – 2scoops Xtend.

30mins later PWO – 1scoop whey protein

Scar tissue on left quadricep( tyre fell on it )

I felt reasonably shagged because today was not balls to the wall because i had scar tissue on my left quad and i have not trained legs in a long while. Felt excellent on the squats. Maybe it was because of the platform i used instead of small weight plates for elevation. Deadlifts was easy but i felt my grip was weak even with hook grip. This was kinda expected because i also have not deadlifted heavy in a long while although today was no means heavy. I went with bodyweight split squats because of my lack of balance and it was kinda tough finding the placing for my toes on the bench. I was wobbling all over the place.

Overall a good session. Xtend is ‘shiok’ man!! Hope i can emulate the gains i got during my 1st cycle with it. My left quadriceps’ scar tissue flared up after training,which i guess was normal because of the pumped up state. I am fearing to do some foam rolling on my quad because i will definitely scream in agony. But as the old adage goes, No pain no gain!